Feb, 2016


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The Metro-001 uses very special drivers, has no crossover points in the critical midrange region, and has the size and appearance to fit into virtually any listener’s home theater or listening room.
• It is easy to drive and presents music with a silky-smooth/warm perspective, but it is still very dynamic, with excellent micro-details and a sweet, detailed top end.
• Because it can produce excellent deep, accurate, and forceful bass extension along with its small footprint, this speaker would be excellent in a home theater system without having to add a subwoofer.
• It produces a soundstage like a reference two-way stand-mount monitor, yet it packs a bottom-end wallop that cannot be replicated with small two-way speakers.

Terry  London – http://hometheaterreview.com/floorstanding-and-audiophile-loudspeaker-reviews/

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