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The Urban -001 is a full -sized floor-standing speaker that throws a huge soundstage similar to that from much larger (and much more expensive) speakers. The Urban -001 is a 3.5-way design which produces less distortion in the critical hearing range of 2000-5000Hz.

The innovative cabinet design and woofer loading produce bass extension down to to 30 HZ, a level typical of much larger speakers.


– 3.5 way, 4 drivers, with a ported enclosure
– Tweeter: 3″; AMT-(air motion transformer)
– Midrange: 4″; bamboo fiber paper cone, underhung 1″; voice coil, which provides very low 2 nd and 3rd order harmonic distortion
– Woofers: Two 6.5″; Non Woven carbon fiber/Kevlar composite cone. A large 2″; copper voice coil maximizes dynamic range.
– Crossover points- 150, 500Hz and 8000Hz
– Impedance: 4 ohm
– Sensitivity: 92 db/W/meter
– Frequency response: 30-27000 Hz +2db
– Power recommendation: 25-300 W
– Dimensions: H x D x W: 38″; x 9″; x 12″; without granite plinth . 41″;-9″;- 12″; with plinch
– Weight: 62 lbs with plinth
–  Color: white piano is standard. Custom colors available by request, at additional charge.
– Two magnetic grills included



MSRP: $3970 for Standard color (piano white). Custom color, add $400

About Project

16 August, 2016