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Apollo-001  is extremely accurate with ruler flat response. You will hear the music EXACTLY as it was produced.

In addition to flat frequency response, the Apollo-001  is phase coherent in the crossover regions resulting in a speaker that images exceptionally well. As all  Bache audio speakers are based around wide-band drivers, which cover the range from about 500Hz to 10 kHz, without crossovers in the critical range to which the ear is most sensitive. Apollo-001 are extremely transparent and literally disappear into the room. The top end is crystal clear with detailed overtones that make instruments and voices come alive.





Model Apollo-001.    Start to production –   September 2016
Design 3-way
passive radiator
Tweeter Limited edition  Horn Supertweeter Fostex FT-96-EX2 ( Japan)
Midrange Tang Band’s W4-1320SIF 4″ speaker features a bamboo fiber paper cone with half-roll rubber surround. This optimally damped cone material is rigid, lightweight, and durable. The driver’s 18 oz. ceramic ferrite magnet and underhung 1″ voice coil do their part to ensure very low 2nd and 3rd order distortion.
Woofer  Aurum Cantus AC250/75C2C 10″ Woofer  The Aurum Cantus AC250/75C2C 10″ large diameter voice coil woofer performs superbly, aided by its carefully engineered non-woven carbon fiber sandwich cone
Response +/- 2db 22Hz – 40kHz
Sensitivity 90 db
Impedance 8
Amplification                           40-300 watt
Alignment Passive Radiators
Dimensions 12-15 W x 15 D x 48 H
Weight 105

About Project

24 October, 2016